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Flower Review – Flowr BC Pink Kush

“Flowr BC Pink Kush is indica-dominant known for it’s earthy scent, with distinguished notes of citrus and a fuel finish and very strong THC potency. It’s heavy, so step lightly.”

Packaging: 3.5g Container. It’s a solid plastic-white base,with a deep blue/purple label.Taste: My first impressions on smell when first opening the container-light,sweet floral notes. Also comparable to candy (if you’ve ever smelled sweet tarts,it’s in that ball park). The taste while smoking-I got those floral notes,but the taste is slightly more earthy than the smell of the bud.

High: Warm and relaxing. I wanted to curl up and watch a movie immediately after getting inside. I prepared myself a small pre-roll, then hit a couple bowls in my bong once I got inside and got settled. I’m glad I smoked this just before I was ready to wind down for the night-nothing to do but get cozy.

Overall score: It was a really nice smoke. Very smooth overall (I noticed minimal to no cough with the joint, and in my bong. I usually cough tons!) BC Pink Kush was everything I wanted from an indica- something that mellows me out and gets me ready for my nighttime routine. I would definitely recommend this to anyone looking for a nighttime smoke. This bud took me into a dreamland!